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“Flip” your own home!

I Encourage You – Not to Sell your home…. Until you Maximize the value!

Most buyers today want finished homes; they are willing to pay more because they can finance the improvements in the purchase. Homes are so expensive many buyers struggle to just come up with the down payment and they have nothing left over to do their own remodeling. If you make the right strategic improvements to your home it will sell for top dollar and it will sell fast.

We have money available to fix up your home!

We provide you with no out of pocket home renovation capital and the entire remodel team to finish the job in 30-days or less. We get paid back at the close of escrow. You benefit by selling your home for much more and with more profit from your sale. I have seen hundreds of homes sell well below their full potential and all because the home owner and the real estate agent did not make the appropriate plans to maximize the home’s value.

Participation Includes:

  • Expert Consultation on your home

  • Upgrade analysis to maximize your home value

  • Fix up your home for sale with “no out of pocket cost”

  • Available cash for moving expenses

  • Management of Licensed Contractors

  • Host a “Car Stopping” Open House

  • Sell your home quicker and for more

  • And you keep all the profits

Who’s Your REALTOR®

If you want to sell your home for its maximum value and more profit, you need a real estate agent and design expert to assist you in recommendation on converting your home from “Before-to-After!” I have been involved in over 500 construction projects resulting in a flip.

My team will go above and beyond the traditional real estate agent in assisting you with recommendations on remodeling, staging and services. We are experts in the field of developing custom solutions that will transform your rooms into places that appeal to even the pickiest of buyers. If your home needs some minor repairs or remodeling and upgrades, my team will design and complete all the tasks in a timely manner and on a practical budget.

Most Importantly

If your budget does not allow for some of the much needed changes, we will provide the total capital needed for the repairs, remodel, staging and landscaping.

I would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you, let see if your home qualifies.

  Please contact me and let's get started. 

Thank you very much!

                        Matt DeLine